Monday, December 12, 2011

Interview with My Tarot of Vampyres

I am long overdue to interview this incredibly gorgeous deck. When I first saw it was being created a few years ago, I knew I had to have it. Of all the vampire decks out there, none of them really grabbed me like this one. So I am using the spread I first saw the lovely Lisa do on Tarotize. But I put my own little spin on it by shuffling twice. The first time I asked the deck to show me who it actually is by announcing itself with the first court card I pulled.

1. Who are you in the court? Prince of Knives- Wow. I saw this card in my head as I was  shuffling. And to be honest, I really didn't want it. And lo and behold, here it is and now it makes all the sense in the world to me.  I've read that the Knight of Swords is associated with Gemini, and I just cleansed all of my decks in the Gemini full moonlight last night, with special attention placed on this one. After making a certain post I made a few weeks ago, some nasty and out of the ordinary things occurred. It took me over a week to connect the dots, but I realized two critical things: A. I was reminded the hard way that it is imperative to create a protective circle (whatever that means for you. Ask your angles for protection, chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, see yourself in a protective halo of white light, whatever. Just hold in your heart the intention of protection and cleansing) when doing readings that involve others. Especially when you know for an absolute fact that you are pulling the energy of a very angry, nasty, bitter, vengeful, pissed person. I mean come on, what the hell did I expect?? And 2. Ya gotta cleanse your decks from time to time, but most especially after a reading like that. So what does the card have to say?

I tell it like it is, no B.S. And I will speak to you with crystal clarity, as you have already noticed Krysten. You so love dichotomy and you have got it with my Gemini essence, hence the pale pink rose in one hand and the bloody dagger in the other. I cut right to the heart of the matter and sometimes that can get a bit messy. Gotta break a few eggs if you're gonna make an omelette Love. But I am also very loving and compassionate, and passionate about what I am here to do for and with you. I am one of the decks who will force you to think in ways you have not yet been challenged to do with other ones. I've already got you to take Ferol's advice and give a go at reading Rx cards. Not to worry, I will give you very clear messages that you will hear in your mind. Do not doubt when you hear them, I am telling you now that yes, it is me speaking. I want you to look up information on crows and owls. Also those night birds you have seen and heard in the wee hours. It is not a coincidence you have seen so many of them lately. My role is to help you to have the courage to look into the Shadows of Life and yourself and to help others do the same, to face the truth no matter how frightening it may appear at first. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. I will show you how to thrive regardless of the conditions. I will shed light for you to find your way.

I mean really, what more need be said? But let's go ahead and see anyway.

2. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristics?~ 8 of Skulls- I will teach you to become the phenomenal reader you already are, but close your eyes to seeing yourself as. I will work magick for you if you trust me. No killing time with me. Everything will have purpose and meaning that I tell you.

3. What are your strengths as a deck? ~ Rx 3 of Grails- I will stimulate your heart and your mind, force you out of your comfort zone and make you a much stronger reader. Like Hanibal said, "Look inside yourself Clarice" I will make you and your querents find the answers that are within you, but in nontraditional ways. Be forwarned, I will expose vulnerability. My strength is in teaching you to trust me and yourself.

4. What are your limits as a deck? ~ The Moon XVIII- I am only limited by your cutting yourself off of your intuition. I'm not a "by-the-book" kinda gal, pun intended. My limits are answers that don't reflect what your gut tells you to say. Don't try and force me to read in conventional ways. I don't and I won't, it's not who I am. I do what I feel like doing. You should too. Notice what images you are drawn to. Oh yeah, and you know it is not a coinscidence that we came togther in New Orleans, The Crescent City.

5. What are you here to teach me? ~ 10 of Knives- Uh, first, notice the woman's pendant is the Gemini glyph? Just reminding you of that Gemini full moon you cleansed me in and the first card you just pulled. I am here to teach you to stop being victim to the tragedies that have occured in your life regardless of how extreme and life-altering they were. Get busy living, or get busy dying, but do something instead of just lying about like some sort of helpless damsel in distress. I'm a Vampyre. There are reasons why you are so attracted to my kind. We don't die, we are reborn and transition into a completely new way of looking at and experiencing the world. So this birthday that is approaching that you are so overwhelmed by, use it to resurrect your life and learn to truly live the Life you truly want, that your soul is dying without. Being damned is a state of mind you can choose to no longer partake in.

....... ok. You did say you were painfully honest, but damn! Ouch!!

6. How can I best learn from you, how can we best collaborate? ~ Rx Daughter of Grails- (You are killing me with the Rx. Not that you give a damn, I know) - Don't detach from your emotions and get caught up in your head when you read with me. And be patient. Show the same compassion with yourself that you show others. Retreat from the craziness around you and spend time alone with me and so we can meditate together.

7. What is the potential outcome of our relationship? ~ The Hermit  IX Rx- We will bring to life very non-traditional readings. You know that I am not the deck for the average bear. But for those who are willing and who are ready, we will lead the way to hidden wisdom. I will bring out a very wise, old sage within you and we will show beauty to others in the most unlikely of places. That is all I can say at this time, because my dear, you have no idea the depth and magnitude of the places I will take you if you choose to follow me.

Thank you my beloved Vampyre, Prince of Knives

Umm... ok. That was real deep....


  1. Great interview, Krysten! I can tell you have a very deep connection with this deck. Interesting observation about the Gemini full moon cleansing and the Gemini energies in this interview. Well done for persisting with learning to read with Rx cards if you feel this is what you're meant to do. I'm sure you and the Vampyre will travel to many interesting places together - he seems keen enough ;)

  2. Thank you Lisa! This was really cool, but heavy. But yes, I love this deck dearly and have such a strong bond with it. I took a 4 week phone class with Ferol and in one part of the 3rd class I had to. It is still very challenging but I'm going to at least try. You know this Cap has a very hard time with change lol! But like you heard this deck say, it's like Honey Badger, it don't give a shit, it takes what it wants LOL LOL!


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