Sunday, November 6, 2011

Should I Drive Today?

I didn't realize that my drivers license has been exprired for quite some time now and I'd forgotten to renew it. Well I figured I'll just do the limit or 5 miles below and if I should get stopped I'll just play dumb or play the girl card. (don't act like you haven't played the girl card and won't again lol!) I heard my guides tell me clear as day "don't drive today". I was going to blow it off but then I remembered my cousin's b/f told me to be really careful. We are like 45 min outside of New Orleans and there are so many little towns where the speed limit changes from 35 to 50 to 45 to 55 then 45..... WTF?!?!  They are just setting you up for failure! And that they could actually put me in jail for that! And being a black woman out here??? Shhhit! But jail, that is beyond extreme to me! I mean for real!?? Fucking jail?? It's a piece of plastic that needs two of the numbers that make up the year to be changed! It's not a damn DUI due to a fifth of Kettle One and a lit blunt! And from the state that has DRIVE THROUGH DAQUARI STANDS!! That's a frozen beverage with rum and you choice of additional alcohol!!!  Are you kidding me!?! 

 Then I heard, "Ok tarot reader, go pull a card.  So I did.

This is what everyone who reads means when they tell you to listen to your guides and your intuition and they will speak to you." So I ask, "Should I drive today, will it be ok?"--- 4 of Swords. I was like dang, ok. But let me just pull 2 more out of habit. The fucking 3of Sw and The Tower  XVI for Goddess' sake!!! I kept my ass out of any driver's seat that day and didn't drive today. May not tomorrow either lol! 

Yes, I'll have my arse on a plane next week to give the state... excuse me, the common wealth of PA their $60. Yes, 60 freakin' dollars because I have a motorcycle endorsement! Damn thieves! But the staying out of jail?? Priceless!

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