Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LivingTarot: Moving Me Forward/Towing Me Back...

I have gotten more than I could have ever imagined, from doing the exercises that Ferol posts each night!  Here is what tonight's question was:

SAILING ME FORWARD TOWING ME BACK TAROT~ Shuffle while thinking "What force is sailing me forward? What force is towing me back?" Draw one card for each. Name your deck, your two cards, and tell us what you make of the answer you got. Do you agree? Is this true? What question would you ask next after this answer? Given that neither idea may really apply to your life, see what happens anyway.

I have only certain decks that I read reversed (Rx) cards. And I have't done it in a few years. But I decided to challenge myself a bit tonight, so I used my Fantastical Tarot. This is what I've got so far:

  • Living Tarot Great answers! I will point out that sailing you forward is not quite the same thing as towing you forward. Those are two very different things, LOL! As is the difference between towing you back and holding you back. Those are also very different things, Celeste. Ponder that, in the spirit of fun, and thanks for joining me out here~
    17 minutes ago · 

  • Fantastical Tarot~ FORWARD- Rx 4 of Wands: There is a unicorn in a grassy valley on a beautiful starlit night with a full moon. For quite sometime I had lost the drive to create magick in my life. I've stopped having any dreams about my future because I've felt so stuck and didn't dare believe any vision of hope could come true because I have had a lot of major disappointments. But I felt a major energy shift from a place very deep inside, today actually. And that shift based in a strong desire to commit to working at creating a life worth celebrating is what is moving me forward. BACK- Rx Knight of Pentacles- Mkay, about that issue with disappointment...lol! I hold myself back because I can be so impatient and don't want to have to wait to get concrete, tangible results! When I don't get them rather quickly, I loose focus on the ultimate goal. I even trick myself into thinking I didn't even want it anyway LOL!!! (what is wrong with me!?! LOL LOL)
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  • Living Tarot 
    Sailing forward~ a force which carries us flowingly, easily. Towing us back~ pulling us slowly back through territory we have already covered. Think sailboats and tugboats, my friends, and neither of these boats are YOU! What force is sailing you forward? What force is towing you back? I mention this because we tend to think we are doing it all, and this exercise is about a force, like the difference between the Majors and the Minors. All of your answers are good and correct~ no one is wrong~ I just want you all to understand the purpose of the exercise. ;)
    12 minutes ago · 
  • Living Tarot So in mine, the force is an Ace, it is bigger than me, and helping me by taking me to love being offered. The Four of Cups Reversed is an impulse, maybe one which all people feel right now, which tows me backward to love I can't get.
    8 minutes ago · 

  •  ‎.....hmm...gonna have to knock the cobwebs outta my brain for this one Ferol LOL! I need to think on this for a min or two...
    4 minutes ago · 

    •  I just remembered this is a two part question, wht question would I ask next? "How can I enhance the force sailing me forward/how can I transform the force that is keeping me stuck? (Am I on the right track with this part??)
      about an hour ago · 
    • Living Tarot 
      Yes of course, Krysten, all of it is correct if it is what your mind and spirit generate toward the question. Don't let my clarifications intimidate you. Think of me as a kindly old fairy leading you toward Tarot wonderland, HA HA! I am not sure that the towing backward force is a stuck thing at all. It may be a transformative force on its own, more or less contrasted by the sailing forward force. I don't think we should judge these as negative and positive. I got a lot of good mileage out of attempting to resolve old loves that did not work. That force keeps pulling me back. But the force of love offered freely keeps sailing me forward. See? So your next question would be the one you feel like asking. So ask the one you thought of, and see what happens, is what I would say.
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    • Living Tarot Think of your good answers provided earlier in terms of flow. Does that help? You said really good stuff, as did Celeste. I can relate to both of you! Follow your own good ideas here. Just ponder my words, and use them or don't. mwah!
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      Thank you a million times over for your patience and encouragement fairy God-Mother lol! You've helped me grow so much as a reader in the short time since I found your site and I am grateful beyond words for these exercises and for you sharing your insight!! Muwah*** :D For the last question I got: Enhance the Flow: Rx 2 of Cups... I think this speaks to the initial question about what is sailing me forward when I said committing to creating a life worth celebrating. I think I can enhance this by not harshly judging the side of myself that I call GrumpleStilskin. Her intention was to show me the things I don't want to create in my life. But I do need to divorce myself from her ideas that no longer serve me. ---- As for how to transform what's towing me back" KIng of Wands.... I may get better results if I remain motivated and am inspired to accomplish whatever I set my mind to by reminding myself that I am worthy of succeeding at making my dreams come true. Maybe if I make post-it notes and put them everywhere or Mod-Podge pictures that show what I want to accomplish I can keep that passion I loose sight of.

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