Friday, May 6, 2011

LivingTarot: I Think~I Know...

I did another of Ferol's exercises on Living Tarot. She comes up with the best questions man! I got quite a shock with this answer. I'd have thought that the same cards would have come up but in the reverse! (and this is my all time favorite 9 of Pentacles!! Love the Catwoman imagery! And independent chick dominating her own path!) I need to change my mindset and thus shift my energy. So here is what last night's question was:

I THINK~ I KNOW~ TAROT> Shuffle your deck while pondering "I think" and "I know" alternatively. Now draw one card for each. The first card represents what you think. The second card represents what you know. Name your deck & cards, and tell us what they mean to you. Did you expect this answer?

  • Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. I think King of Pentacles- Success in the financial realm eludes me. I Know 9 of Pentacles- It's in the bag and I'll look back on these hard times as a distant memory. ---- Uhh... No, I didn't expect this answer. The same cards in the reverse positions maybe lol. Wow. Gonna have to change my mindset huh! Thx! :D
    18 hours ago · 

  • Living Tarot Krysten, that is why I do these. I ask questions which one might think were already known, because quite often they are NOT what we assume. It is most useful to discover where our assumptions about our basic reality depart from truth. Then we may alter the flow, and know ourselves more directly.

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