Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wake Up

As I was shuffling The Hierophant V jumped out. I immediately felt like it was the goddess Freya talking to me and telling to listen up.

The first thing I hear Her saying is from the 4 of Swords. Get off my ass and do something. And since the rest of the cards are all pentacles, it's about me making some damn money in spite of my back injuries. Pentacles are about money, but also health as well as tangible results. I see Jayne sitting at the table weighing out her money on the 7 of Pentacles. She's got coins, not dollars, kinda like me lol. But it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than some coins to get that house pictured on the 10 of Pentacles. (which oddly enough looks like Helen's house that I currently live in.) Which I so desperately want! I mean my own home. And a nice big house. Not because I want a big house just for the sake of saying I have a great big house. That just means more to clean! The only time I didn't have a room mate (damn did I learn to love that!)  was my apartment I had after Katrina forced me to leave my beloved New Orleans. It was a 450 sq ft little studio. After the big beautiful home I finally realized I was sharing with someone I SO needed to remove myself from, and then 8 months later losing my apartment I had moved to in New Orleans, my little tiny abode was heaven on earth. 3 of my friends were so wonderful and painted it for me in shades of purple and silver and I loved it. As tiny as it was everyone always commented on how warm and inviting it was, and also how safe it felt. I was a practicing witch at the time an had done some heavy magick to create that feel. So though it was a small little cheese box, it was a mansion to me. But I do want a sizable home, because I want to have enough room so that I can offer any of my friends and family a home when they are going through a major transition in life the way that people have done for me.  10's are about starting over, being in a transition, just as I currently am.  The 10ofP is also about leaving a legacy behind, something for posterity. Even though I am not a mom, according to Rhiannon's tarot readings I will be, God help me lol! At 39, I ain't seein' that!! But either way, I'd want to leave something for my loved ones.  But Freya is reminding me that if I don't get off my ass and do the hard work, I won't make that transition. There are so many earth cards that are trapping the air. Too stuck, to sedentary to allow ideas to flow. No fire means no energy, no drive (so sad, but so true). I think the lack of water cards means I need to feel more hope about my situation, maybe even more self love. Feel like I deserve to have the things in life that I want and need.

Freya says it's time to wake up.

*while I was in the middle of typing this earlier today, one of my dearest friends called me and told me of something going on in her life that is different from my situation but that these cards very strongly reflect. But she's a Queen of Swords, so nothing will keep her down for long lol.

Even though this song has a different meaning, it's what I heard in my head, and I going to start doing as my guides advise.

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