Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playtime Is Over!

I was drawn to use a deck I almost never use. It was one Lo Scarabo came out with a few years back called Initiatory Tarots of the Golden Dawn (yes, for some reason it's "Tarots" with an S. Like in the movie Selina when her brother was like "they kept calling her Selinas, with an "s" Dad??" I think this will be the last time I write it that way lol.) Anyway, I asked what did I need to post about and a very interesting set of cards came up.

First is the Queen of Pentacles, which is my card since I'm a Capricorn. So I especially love the way she is done in this deck with all of the Capricorn symbolism. I was actually studying this card a few days ago and all kinds of things were popping in my head, yet today, not a whole lot. (Most likely because I should be somewhere quite where I can focus. Ya think??) When I first looked at her today she looked like a mannequin, so stiff and rigid. Now I hear "wish in one hand, shit in the other. Tell me which one fills up first!" As in, stop being so damn rigid and stuck in your set ways if you want to accomplish anything woman! She's just sitting on her throne, as I do everyday now for hours on end. All those stars above her head are like ideas that are sparkling but seem so far away. Yet the little goat is looking to the next card, The Lovers VI. (what an interesting lovers card huh? tee-hee!!!) He's looking toward the card of choice and passion. And I just did a whole thing on The Lovers VI a few days ago. There is a whole lot of action going on in that card too. Now though girly on the card looks like she is a "poor, helpless, damsel in distress", that is NOT AT ALL the vibe I'm getting. First off, the big scary monster is an imaginary creature, meaning my fears seem huge and terrifying, and as real as they seem, they are just my imagination. In Buddhism it's called the "devilish functions". They are the things that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest and believing in ourselves and that we can create anything in life we want, including fear. And fear is an absolute sure-fire guarantee to get me to stay stuck and trapped in a  situation I need to move on from. Then there is dude, all strong and powerful, coming out of the clouds to "save" chippy who can't get herself free. Give me a damn break! This whole scene to me looks so staged, like Girl is not a helpless victim, like when she has had too much, or maybe even had enough, she is gonna stop the scene. This girl is not in real danger and she is nobody's victim. She is the one who is really running the show. The chains around her ankles look loose to me. So if she stands up all the rest of them will just slide off and she can get up and put on a pair off jeans and boots and a turtle neck and continue with the rest of her everyday. It's telling me playtime is great, but it needs to be over for now. I need to choose to attend to the other things I am passionate about. Maybe the guy is Mercury, the messenger god, and since he is at the top of the card he is piercing through the fog in my head that causes me to not think clearly, to think of all the negative reasons why I can't get off my ass and fight harder. That I restrict my own Self. This guy is ready to slay a humongous, murderous sea dragon for Chippy, he'd do anything to save her. How bout I feel as passionate about myself and my life and think that whatever I'm afraid and no matter how scary it is, I am worth the risk!!!

Looking at the 7 of Wands from this deck it confirms all of that. This cat has said enough is enough and I am bustin' loose! He looks like Thor. I wonder if Loki ever captured Thor and he had to use his strength to break free? I've been getting this card a lot lately too. I checked the LWB and it says "Valor. The capacity to navigate through any situation. Spirit of freedom." Break free woman!!

The card on the bottom is the damn Knight of Cups. Dear Lord God......Am I really that entrenched in victim mentality??? What an ugly, but clearly much needed wake up call. Maybe it also means that if I follow this advice I'll be in the loving relationship I really do want but haven't made any effort at because there are so many other more pressing issues in my life I need to take care of first.

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