Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Queens

"I am the Queen of Swords and this is my tale.
I have high expectations for my children. Equally high are my ideals for the people of my kingdom.
It takes a certain rigidity to face the gravity of my responsibilities. This kingdom of Swords is often a place of conflict. I wield my intelligence and discernment to gain justice.
And justice is my aim. I am no stranger to the darker sides of the human mind. I know how errant thought can bring about weakness, scandal and rot in a society. My watchful eye is vigilant.
I have a gift in seeing all injustice and dishonesty, even if it is a faint flicker on the horizon.I view corruption in others as a personal assault. Thus, I will root it out, extinguish it and will have order restored.
As the Queen of Swords I must hold myself with high dignity. I demand compliance for the better good of the kingdom, and I will be respected in my authority.
The reward for loyalty is my kindness. And, those who are in my favor are among the most honored in my realm.
It is my nature to be kind, although I do not have the luxury of revealing this facet. In my position, showing softness is considered a sign of weakness, and I must always gird myself, remaining regal and strong to my subjects.
As the Queen of Swords, my station is a lonely one. However, I am accustomed to solitary. Indeed, my isolation has caused me to be extremely independent.
Because of my independence, I rarely seek counsel from outside parties. I trust my own intuition implicitly. I am rarely wrong about my instincts.
When I am not governing or consumed with the responsibilities of my family and subjects, I spend my time in academia. A sharp and trained mind is a sign of a well-developed and skilled woman.
One of my children once commented that I seem distant and sad. This cut me to the core. Truth be known, deep beneath my waters moves an unbridled heart, filled with passion and sensitivity. To be sure, my waters run deep.
But the warmth of my love must often be cooled in the face of my duties and obligations. If, having a streamlined, organized and effective rule means trading a bit of emotion for austerity - so be it. As the Queen of Swords, I cannot compromise.
My advisors have told me that in my elderly years I will be able to devote more attention to the softer aspects of living that churns within me. Until then, the tending of the gardens of my tenderness will have to wait. For now, being the Queen of Swords permits nothing to prohibit the proper rearing of my children and kingdom.
I have dark hair with equally dark eyes. I am told I am beautiful, but I give this little attention unless it serves me in royal negotiations. I have noticed I have a strong jaw bone (mirroring my strong will). I tend to be heavy-set, but this is to my advantagebecause it gives me more presence. I seem larger than life when I walk into a room. My presence is such, people would be compelled to bow to me even if I were not queen.
Should I visit you in the cards, I will tell you get your affairs in order. Set about organizing your thoughts. Untidiness, disorder of any kind is unacceptable. The time for play and farce is after the tasks at hand is accomplished. You may balk at my austere ways, but I tell you, they are effective in results. Further, my tactics, although forceful, always command respect."

"I am the Queen of Cups and this is my tale. What does matter is love, and family. I love my children, and am an excellent mother, devoting plenty of time and nurturing to them. I selflessly provide them with the motherly care necessary to their wellbeing. I see to it they lack for nothing. Part of that selfless love comes from a deep knowing that all life comes from love. Love is life, and life is love. Most of my actions come from this understanding, and this creed has served me very well.

           I am all these things and so much more.....

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