Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Reading 2/7/11

Awww hell. The Tower XVI. This is NOT giving me avery good feeling about the day! Course, when does this card ever give a good vibe!? But in Rhiannon's deck it is not nearly as scary, it's a contained fire. The logs stood out first. Does this mean recovering from whatever the bullshit is will not be too hard?? The Queen of Swords is looking back at it with the confidence and calm cool that only she can. She is a problem solver. The way her finger is over her lips looks like she is deep thought on how to best handle this situation, but today it looks like she has to keep something about this situation a secret, even destroy the evidence. I know several Queens of Swords. I wonder who she is in this reading. Or is it who I will need to be today for some reason??

**UPDATE: 2/10/07  I just got off the phone with two of my QoSwd with regard to the situation in the Devil Went Down to Ga post. I'm thinking it was my shit that was in that Tower card and true to form, they are both on the case figuring out a way to handle this very unpleasant situation. I am one lucky girl!!!

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