Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh my Goddess!

Omg, I just sat here and chanted for an hour!! I'm SO proud of myself!! (an emotion I REALLY need to feel with regard to my Self far more often than I do!) It was only supposed to be for 15 min, but before I knew it, I'd rocked out an hour! Anxiety was really starting to creep up on me again. My roomate has never not talked to me, unless of course her fucking b/f was somehow involved in it. But I've always been there, and I am now in Atlanta. So I have no idea what the hell is going on that has her not speaking tome other than to say she is in her Cancerian shell. Well, actually I guess I do have an idea. Dude is somehow involved. Now exactly how, that I don't know. But it has my paranoia working overtime! So I chanted on it. I also chanted on trying to narrow my focus, be specific in my prayers: I want my own home. Fuck the how it's gonna happen, just that I want it so make it happen! Also for strength, clarity, and trust in myself and that the Universe supports me and will open my life up to receive all the things I need and a hell of a lot of what I want. And for the love of God for the fucking energy and drive to get off my trifflin' ass and DO! Do what it takes. I kill me with how I will pray, but can't get the drive or the balls to take action! Like just cause I want some shit I ain't gotta work for it!! For real?!! So of course went to my girl LoFlow's blog and got the guidance and support it always provides.

So as  was just about at 55 min, I grabbed my Universal Goddess deck and asked what did my guides want me to take away from the past hour of chanting. Why did they give me all major archana.  And don't you know the first damn card is the High Priestess II! My favorite card of the tarot!   
I've been know to not buy a deck just based on whether or not I like that person's interpretation of her. As Rhiannon says, I live my life by that card. For me she is The Goddess, the epitome of what I think a woman is/ought to strive to be. And I think that having Isis shown in this deck is brilliant. She was a mistress of magick,  healer, wife, mother, lover, friend, homemaker, equal companion to her husband, leader, loving, dominant creatrix.  The first thing I notice is the gorgeous ultra-violet color of the sky. I think this whole Violette Kitty blog is gonna be so much deeper in my healing and growth than I can possibly imagine. Then I was drawn to her arms uplifted to the violette sky. I always hear the song by Groove Theory, "lift your head to the sky and keep trying. Believe in you and it will take you higher". I posses all of these qualities within myself. I have got to first believe that with every fiber of my being and then make the moves to bring it to reality. When I looked at the pyramid I could see Criss Angel hovering over it. I also heard Florence & The Machine "Heavy In Your Arms" I freakin' love that damn song!! I'm gonna have to listen to the lyrics to see how it applies.

Next is Judgment XX (didn't  I just get this card the other day in my LotD deck??) This daimoku just caused a major shift, moved some major crap! A new dimension just opened up and I need to trust my guides and my inner wisdom to get my ass to the to the next level. Which perfectly flows to the next card,  Strength VIIIThe red sky at the top of card makes me think of the power of one's mind and the chariot about the fact that I got The Chariot card the other day and I need to get control of my emotions and get out of my own head so damn much, and that will give way to having the strength to face my fears and yoke them up like she has this snake on the card. I can hear her saying, "Look bitch, I'm not having your shit no more! I"M running shit from here on out! So don't fuck with me!"

Free ya mind, ya ass'll follow!

*now WHY the bloody hell will it only take the code for the H.P.!!?! So in spite of the past 1/2 of life I just used to get the other cards pictured on here from the site I found them on that has a share button, that's why she is the only card pictured! Really!? I mean...really...! But I did figure out how to ass links! Yay! So if you'd like to see the cards in this deck which is one of my all time favorites, go here:

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