Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Green with Self-Love πŸ’š

Several days ago I got the mega bus from Pittsburgh to Philly. The scenery was beyond breathtaking because at the core just fall foliage. I'll have to post pictures of that soon. 
Being back in Philly of course means working out with my amazing if not brutal trainer and dear friend Marjorie. So this means a very specifically tailored meal plan, lots of working out, and waking up at ungodly hours. As I sat down to the specific tea blend she has me drinking I decided to do a daily draw. As always, my beloved Tarot of Vampyers give me a card that completely resonated. 
The aces in this deck are so beautiful and each one is expressed with a specific color. The Ace of Grails uses glowing green which is perfect as it coincides with the color of the heart chakra. And how fitting that I would have one of the cups cards, a card that only uses the color green, jump out as I'm sitting to drink a cup of detox tea that is made from a blend of green herbs  and vegetables including dandelion root. As a woman who is a total foodie, this truly shows the act of self-love that I recognize this to be. As I shuffled I did so with the specific intent of knowing how I can best stay in alignment (as Abraham-Hicks explains it to be).  I will choose to be receptiveto the benefits of making healthier choices. Yesterday I just read something about how drinking your morning tea or coffee can be a form of mindfulness meditation. Every time I drink this tea blend which will be twice a day for the next several days, I will do so in a mindful state. I will set my intention and bless it for the cleansing of mind body and spirit of anything that may be causing me dis-ease. I will drink it with heartfelt gratitude for every person who helped create it and make it accessible to me, from Marjorie's love, sincerity and professional knowledge, and also for myself. For the act of self-love in choosing to consume it. This makes me think of something that one of my favorite YouTube yoga chicks says. She explained that when trying to maintain good posture, imagine leading with your heart. Rounded or hunched over shoulders can indicate that one has a heavy heart. Since I'm on the road I don't have the tools I would really like to assist me with the energy of this card, my rosewater and my green calcite. I think I'll do a short meditation focusing on a pink rose bush and absorb that energy into my heart chakra. 

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