Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Self-love September - Ace of Cups

Last year while I was in England I tripped over the website of a very interesting woman by the name of Gala Darling and movement toward deep emotional healing and happiness that she calls radical self-love. (as I making this post from my phone I can't create a link. But you definitely may want to check out her blog. She makes some very interesting posts and has several classes and workshops that she even offers a payment plan for!)  Then I saw something from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, The Four Queens, declaring the month of September as self-love September. This year I'm ready to take action on it. Below is the introductory video that she offers for Self-love September 2015. It explains what the concept is all about as well as give some tips to assist with getting started. I was lucky enough to to find an absolutely beautiful journal at Barnes & Noble on clearance for only $2.15! I love the rich creaminess at the paper and the fact that it's not lined as well as the beautiful cover. So that will entice me to use it more. I chose to focus on the Ace of cups from the beautiful BoneFire Tarot. So often as readers we associate this card with a budding of new or the rekindling of an old romance. I think it's very important for us to look at the card from a very fundamental perspective. The Ace is the number one. So this speaks to that gift of emotion, that wellspring of love that starts with it being a gift from the divine to us, and that we continually give to ourselves. it's important for us to nurture and care for our own selves first and foremost. To see our own beauty and our validity through the eyes of the source/divine/god/goddess that exists with in us. When we are able to do this, we are able to stop seeking love or validation from any external source. I think the Ace of Cups also reminds us of the need to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves as we go through the emotive process of diving deep into our emotional being. Look at the lotus blossoms at the base of the cup. The Lotus is a very sacred symbol in buddhism. Is one of the only flowers that is constantly seeding as it is flowering. They can only grow in the most disgusting, murky, muddy water. This represents the constant flux of life and death, of regeneration and renewal that can only come from unpleasant or challenging situations. It's only through sifting through plus parts of ourselves, experiencing the dark, shitty times that were able to see just how powerful and beautiful we are. I finally decided that baking the question as to why things are set up this way is one of the most counterproductive and self-defeating things I can do. So now my work is to except the truth of it and proceed from there.
One suggestion that KerriAnne of the Four Queens made is to carry some sort of totem or item to remind yourself of participating in self-love September. Last week the universe showed me the universal symbol for love, the heart, in a couple of unexpected and unique places.

 I also found a beautiful pink glass heart that I had intended to give my mother, but didn't get a chance to before she passed away in July. I will definitely use this as one of my talismans for the month.

Last night's post completely dovetails into today's. Through embracing a deep sense of self-love I will be able to access the desires of my heart and spirit and and work toward making them a reality. 

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