Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tarot Pix Challenge - Day 3 and 4

Day 3 - Someone helping you do tarot


I was texting my friend in New Orleans a reading using my Mystic Cats Tarot and getting additional kitty cat energy from Ozzy and Whisper.



Day 4 - 4 Things

1. The cloth is another reading cloth I've brought with me to the UK. It's a gorgeous teal made of heavy, good quality silk. I got it at the best thrift/vintage clothing store EVER called Ragstock, located in Chicago. It's worth a flight with two empty suitcases just to go there! Two floors of the most amazing stuff for stupid cheap prices. I think this was .50 cents. It opens up to about a foot long.

2. My favorite smoky quartz point. An excellent choice as a reader because it absorbs negative energy and is very good o balance the root chakra for grounding.

3. The pouch was hand made by a fellow reader in Jackson Square just for me. My Universal Goddess Tarot lives in it.

4. I always like to read with a candle when possible. Candlelight attracts Spirit.




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