Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Honoring Oya on a #9 Day


I'm sure you've heard me speak about Oya. She is the Afrian Orisha (spirit) who rules over change. In the Afro-Brazilian faith called Condomblé she is the Orixa known as Iansã. She is the natural phenomenon that is the storm. Oya, who is the winds of change and transformation. She brings clarity, courage the ability to objectively decide the best path to take. She can "clear the air" with regard to disputes. She can "clean house" of any people, situations or relationships that need to be removed from our lives. Her lesson can b quite painful and unpleasant. She is quite often more like a tornado, but lately I'm very fortunate to see the summer breeze aspect of her, which I didn't know she had! So I'm quite greatful for that! I still have a piece of glass in my arm from her coming down on me. Often times you will see her represented as St. Barbara, St. Catherine or St. Theresa.

She comes up in readings as the Queen and/or Ace of Swords. Wednesday is her sacred day and her number is 9. I needed to say thank you to her for several things so when I looked at today's date, I realize today was the perfect day to do so. It's Wednesday the 27th. 2+7=9. And it has rained with wind gusts ALL day long. One of the lesser blessings she bestowed was to hold off the rain and storms for the garden party my new friend in the UK, Tracey, was having last Saturday. Because it was supposed to rain and the wind was starting to get strong. Yet we got about 5 min f rain, the wind calmed down, and we even got one her symbols people often forget, the rainbow! The joy and blessings that come after the storm.

Another thing I needed to thank her for was a much larger blessing of no severe storms this year. In two days time, August 29, it will be 9 years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Here is an article from the local paper, The Times Picayune about plans for the Gentilly area, which was hit quite badly. One cousin of mine had 14" of water in her house. He father a few blocks away had about the same. 9 years later, many empty lots remain. And the fact that where a multitude of massive oak trees, banana trees and mimosas, there are almost NO TREES at all for blocks and blocks makes it look down right creepy! This sight has a very interesting 11 Facts About Hurricane Katrina, one of which being #7. An estimated 80% of New Orleans was under water, up to 20 ft deep in places.

  1. Today I used cards from my Earth Magic Oracle to honor her. Although we have another month to go before hurricane season is over, I am so grateful there have been no storms to affect the US thus far. I also gave a free mini reading yesterday to a client who is a child of her's. And today I left her an offering.











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