Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Change and Courage Will Pay Off - Day 21

Tonight I used the Crystal Visions Tarot and it spoke to me in a series of bullet points. As they have been doing with these nightly draws, the cards jumped out while shuffling. I got The Fool 0, the 6 of pentacles, and the King of Swords.

~ Taking risks to seize new opportunities will pay off and give me so much more clarity and a sense of control

~ Using the knowledge and wisdom of past experience as encouragement when starting from ground zero leads to the ability to trust Self. There will be opportunities to repay kindness that has been show. Be proud of the courage and strength exhibited.

~ The attorney is going to get the final compensation deserved. Plan ahead to repay any debts and start fresh, but seek counsel from a professional advisor who can give clear, objective advise.

~ A trip overseas is the smart action to take. It will pay off and bring confidence, success and monetary compensation so go for it. There is no unfair exchange here so graciously accept gifts offered.

~ Stop being chicken-shit and reapply to be a flight attendant again.

~ A house move will bring a sense of balance, security and control. It will be near water and have an area with beautiful flowers and trees. The landlord will be fair and honest.

~ An opportunity to go to the ballet on a date with man who may be a pilot, lawyer, or be an air sign. Though he may be a bit of a know-it-all, he will be very generous, sincere and an animal lover who is a lot of fun and likes to travel.


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