Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Rain On My Birthday Eve

Today is Dec 24th. Tomorrow is my birthday. I really wish I was more excited about this. Right now, I really am not.

I decided to do two birthday spreads. This first one in this post I found on a ladies blog from a Google search with those two key words.

1. Body and Health - 6 of wands- The butterflies coming from under her hat remind me of how I have been thinking of the transformation I have made with regard to the issues with my back. I really believe that transforming my mindset has gonna very long way in my healing it. And look at how happy she is, feeling on top of the world and proud of what she has done or overcome. This card is telling me that my ass needs to get back on the workout wagon! It gives me so much more energy and vitality. It seems it will be very important to me accomplishing the things I want to, starting with feeling accomplished lol!

2. Mind and Intellect - 3 of swords - I have had several very painful experiences that broke my heart this past year with regard to friendships. But I see how big the person's heart is on the card and that he still shows it proudly. Though he guards it a bit, he is has by no means locked it away. He put a Band-Aide on the wound, but that's not what he is focused on, nor the three swords. He is focused on the three candles. To me they are faith, hope and clarity. His skirts look like a patchwork quilt. My experiences are all what make up the fabric of my life. Some positive, some crappy, but all serve a purpose. I have a bit more healing to do, and the quilt also says to me that I need to  do a bit more work on taking care of and nurturing mySelf. His somber countenance reminds me that though I do a very good job at keeping the daemon of depression at bay, I need to be sure to keep my thoughts positive. Thoughts become words, become actions. become results. Free ya mind, ya ass'll  follow.

3. Heart and Relationships - The Empress III- This is such a lovely version of this card. I notice that there is a lot of green - healing and growth. And being the archetype of the mother, this makes all the sense in the world to me give the situation with my mother and the healing that is slowly taking place with us. The little blue eggs in the nest on her head make me think of my precious little 7 month old cousin Kade. I have never really liked babies. Sorry if that sounds mean or harsh, but I don't. Too much hollering and pooping but other than that, what do they do? Who are they? But this kid won every inch of my heart! He has changed my mind a lot about babies in general. More specifically about me wanting one (?!?!?? yikes!) In terms of the future, does this mean that I will have one within the next year?? If I'm gonna do it it damn sure needs to be soon! At 09:45- exactly 7 hours to the minute from now, I shall be 40.  I ain't no spring chicken LOL! And I just love the skulls on her dress!  So me! Reminds me of this site I tripped over called Baby Goth. OMG!! The coolest kids clothes ever man!

4. Spirit and Evolution - Page of Wands- I freakin' love this interpretation of the PofW! He is happy as a clam! (or a happy bunny) and wants to announce it to the world! I need to remember that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. I have been hearing that phrase in my head for several days now. Even though I have always been a very optimistic, 1/2 full kinda gal, I have fought depression for a long time. Again this shows that I need to be mindful of my thoughts and take action to work toward things that will bring me true joy, not subjective happiness. This bunny is doesn't give a poop what anyone thinks! He totally makes me think of one of my favorite videos ever with little girl is in the bumble-bee costume and is searching for other bees like her. I can never remain down after I see that video! He is telling me to live for mySelf and inevitably others will   benefit and be happy. He wants me to be excited about life and get out and experience it! This is Phase II! Stop  bullshittin' and do all the thongs my souls is crying out for me to do and experience. There is NO MORE TIME LEFT TO GIVE IN TO FEAR! Glad I  took the financial risk and bought those flight lessons for my birthday. This bunny rabbit totally took flight lessons! Skydiving too! And he is not afraid to toot his own horn. Self confidence is not being pompous. It is pride in ones acquired wisdom---- where the hell did that come from LOL!? No idea, but I like it!

5. Special Birthday Wish from The Goddess - 10 of wands- Wowwww. She said, put my burdens down! Stop giving myself more work by stressing and working harder not smarter. That way I won't be so overwhelmed and fearful of living life to the fullest. She is also saying that I need to learn to say "No." much more often. And stop feeling driven to explain why all the time. Just politely but simply, "No." I take on too much, don't have a plan, and get burned out. Stop that She says.

I am really liking the Joie de Vivre tarot more and more. It had just the right blend of honesty mixed with its gentility that I need today on Christmas/My Birthday Eve.


  1. Another great reading!!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I love that Empresss card too! she showed up for me too yesterday :)

  2. thank you so much QE!!!
    did it really? It is such a beautiful take on her!


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