Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Message for a Friend

Someone asked me to do a reading based on the question: What does the Goddess want me to know for my birthday?" I used the gorgeous Shadows & Light oracle cards. Here is what the Goddess had to say:

1. Ghosts From the Past- Make peace with the past, whomever hurt you or you have hurt, past mistakes ect. Let it all go. Forgiveness is key for you to move on, it is what is causing you apprehention about being yor true self. No more fear of the past or of being your true self that you know you are meant to be.

2. The Witch At the End of the World ( my fav card in the deck!) Again the same theme of endings and new beginnings, no more delay, change is eminent. Do not be afraid, you are protected and much better things will come from this change.

3. Fairy of the Highlands- the time for truce is over. You may not want to fight, hope for things to just be ok, But she says you have to go kick some ass b/c someone is fucking with you and not resepcing you, you need to set very clear boundaries, cut ties with those who have mistaken your kindness for weakness. Do not back down!

I have noticed this deck seems to want me to add up the numbers on each card and come up with the sum. So I added 42+45+20 = 107 = 8. So I felt like She wanted me to grab the card from a traditional tarot deck that corresponds with the number 8, thus Strength VIII. (I know, I know. For some folks it's Justice. I see Justice as XI. And no, I do not care what is drawn/written on the card, not one little bit. So no, I didn't accidentally write the wrong number. I wrote what I associate Strength as, what works for me, what my guides and intuition tell me is right for Me! Do what works best for You) I felt drawn to the ultra gorgeous Tarot of Vampyres

You have to acknowledge your own personal power and harness it. The roses say to me that you need to present yourself in such a manner that other see your beauty inside and out, but also see that you will defend and protect yourself. It also says to me that you may get a better result if you don't look at things from the perspective of right vs wrong or good vs bad, but rather cause and effect. That removes 
judgement or blame on others as well as yourself.

*by the way, don't ask me why the color isn't taking right now lol 


  1. What a beautiful birthday message from the Goddess! And I love your take on the Strength/Justice debate - my thoughts exactly, but well-expressed ;)

  2. Hi there, I'm sorry for the late response, I just noticed it totally by accident as I'm not used to people leaving posts lol. Thank. you so much for reading and for your kinds words. I'm glad you enjoyed it


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