Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gitter dun!

I recently got the Dark Angels Tarot and let me tell you, not only do I love it but my guides are doing backflips! I will have to do an interview with the deck later today. Right now it's hard because in addition to the usual problem of not having a scanner, now I have the additional issue of being kinda far out so my cell reception is all but non-existent, so I can't usually upload the pics from my phone. *sigh*

So I do asked my guides what they wanted me to know today. These cards really seem to want me to do the Rockstar reading when I use them (center card is the focus, the other two support it). I got the 3 of pentacles, Ace of Swords, and 10 of swords. I laid down the 3ofP before laying the other two. The first thing I noticed was the 3 pentacles are at the top of the card and that made me hear Snoop Dogg saying, "I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind". This card is about the completion of a project and the recognition earned from doing so. This hits a few points for me. I needed to take care of some financial stuff, and had just done so before I did the cards. The angel on here has started a sculpture, but to me it doesn't look finished. And the lady in the background is like she is saying, when are yo going to finish because I want to purchase it! I need to finish setting up the FB account for Creole Moon Tarot and send out Twitter invites. Ferol over at Living Tarot just gave me a huge compliment the other night on the comment I wrote on her nightly FB question. I've had some very pressing shit to worry about as of late, like, a place to live and all, so this has made me more scattered that the usual (God and Goddess, scary!)  I need to master the art of not getting so damn side-tracked. I am the worst at not finishing projects.
The AofSw (and aside for Rhiannon Faulkner's, this deck has my favorite now) has been on my mind a lot lately. I need to do a post just on it. But this cracked me up and then even more so when I pulled the 10ofSw! I mean, can you get much more of a neon sign that you need there are things that may be very challenging or scary, but I need to see to the end, start to finish! In stead of the usual dread that goes with the 10ofSw, in this reading it just said what one of my dearest friends says when he completes a task, "Done and done!" These two cards show cutting the bullshit and getting it over and done with so you can rest without stressing that there is still more to do. Get'er dun!

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