Monday, August 22, 2011

Light a Fire Under My Ass

So I've got a major dilemma and very, very little time to figure it out. So I decided to keep it simple for once, and just use two cards and assign positions today:

First thing I notice is the elements fire/air. They are a work perfectly together. And it shows that I need shit to happen on the quick, no time to waste. (I've wasted quite a bit...I know... Me?! Shocking

1. What do I need to do? Page of Wands
Pages are all about communication and the Page of Wands is the one who makes sure it gets done sooner rather than later. He's energetic and enthusiastic. But I notice that this page is chillin' just sittin' back playing his guitar. Wth?....He's telling me to stop sitting on my ass like I have all the time in the world cause I don't! Make calls, contact folks via internet, make moves Girl! Chop-chop! And don't be dumb and not use my gift of gab and charm. I often feel like that's cheesy and shady. Which if used in a cheesy or shady way, it would be. When used as the gift that I have, it's not. I suck at a whole lot of things. Talking to people and being warm, sincere and engaging ain't one of them! So do that! I think him sitting and looking relaxed is to tell me not to stress no matter how stressful things are. Be calmly confident, yet aggressive.

2. Best course of action to make that happen? Queen of Swords
I mean look at her! She is clearly one not to be messed with who is not taking not for an answer! And I never noticed before that she is tied to a burning stake! Yet this chick is sooo not scared!! (I ain't scurred! lol) She looks like all hope is lost but she is so not thinking about that! She is devising a plan, a strategy, as is so characteristic of QofSw. She is determined, focused and courageous. She reminds me of a witch burning at the stake (still blows my mind that was really done to people!) I think I may need to do a little candle magick. The moon right now is waning and in Gemini, one of the signs that represents this Queen. It's a good time to do magick that removes blocks with regard to communication, making a plan, being assertive, focused, direct and determined and cutting out all the bullshit while doing it. The asp at her third eye makes me think of Isis. I've got to keep my thoughts positive and clear as to the result I want, NOT think about what I don't want or am afraid of happening.

There are no other people on the card; she knows that no one is around to pull her out of the hot seat, she's got to save herself this time. Being afraid or not focused will lead to her detriment. She's got a fire lit under her ass. Even though I can see no way of her getting out of this, the look on her face just screams, "Oh yeah?? Watch me!!"

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