Monday, February 28, 2011

Passion Pit

 I was going for my Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn and realized the bautiful Star XVII card was facing me.  Then I heard and felt one of my guides pull my hand to my Universal Goddess deck. She said to me, "don't shuffle, no need. I 'll direct your hand." I open up the deck, and I'll be damned in The Star XVII in that deck isn't what I open up to!!  I am pretty sure I know which guide it is. She told me to pull a few more until I'd pulled 5 cards in total.  While all this is going on, a song I have never heard before comes on my Moloko Staion I created on Pandora called The Reeling by Passion Pit, a group I've never heard. It's all cloudy and rainy and cold and this song is one of those ones that make you forget that or the fact that you are in your living room and not at the club in a brand new pair of shoes from Bebe! So I just looked it up plus lyrics on Youtube. And now I'm looking at the cards again..... LOL!!!

The Star XVII, Ace of Cups, 3 of Swords, The Empress III, Temperance, and Knight of Pentacles. 

Oye vey..... lol!!

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