Friday, February 18, 2011

Making H's Wedding List

Hmm..not sure what to make of these (but that is why I started doing this, to learn how to break through the fear of "getting it wrong" or not being a "good reader". But to open up my subconscious and read the damn cards!)
Page of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune X and the King of Swords. When I first saw the adorable Leila who is pictured on the PofPent I saw her adorable princess dress and beautiful happy smile. The Wheel looked humongous and actually made me dizzy, and then to see Dave in his tux all = the fact that H has been sitting here making her list for her wedding guests.  The 7 of Wands is on the bottom. This reading is so exactly what is going on today lol! Most women think of their wedding day as their fairy princess day, and then there is Dave pictured in his tux is Eddie (Helen's fiance') and the Wheel and the 7ofSw is how she is feeling as she makes this list. It's a huge task to organize a wedding and her head is spinning from trying to make sure she remembers everyone and to try to keep from going overboard on spending too much money. Hence, the stressed out look on Uncle Al's face (the guy in the picture is named Uncle Al, a dear friend of Rhiannon Faulkner who created the deck) as he looks at the paper work on his desk.

Then when I think about the elemental dignities, it actually does confirm the divinitory meaning I got. There are 2 earth, 1 fire, 1 air. There is no water. Out of only 4 cards, there is one major arcana, 2 court cards, and only one pip.

The majority of earth shows me that money is a big factor even though H is pretty financially set.  The air right next to it shows the need to be pragmatic. That Princess is the inner little girl who is lost in the fantasy of it all, and pentacles need to have a set plan that they can rely on to feel at ease. That King says clear, smart decisions must be made, and a sword makes me think of how we have been saying "who's gonna make the cut" as we've been making the list knowing she has can't go over a set number of guests.  At $67  a head, some heads may have to get cut!

Hmph...and I started this off saying I didn't know what to make of these cards! LMAO

Molly had to come double check lol!

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