Monday, February 21, 2011

Make a Wish

Ok, if I did have any followers, they'd be sick and tired of hearing about my damn room mate situation because at this point I know I am lol!

The 6 of Pentacles shows me the give and take in any relationship, and that I need to see that I give so much, even when I am in need. That a dollar sign can't be put on things of real value. I gave as much as I took. The Star is a house move in the gypsy meaning. Also shows how I have so many angles who always are looking out for me. I need to keep the faith and remain positive because things are working out to my advantage. And with that wishing well right next to a hand filled with coins, this is like it's screaming at me to make a wish and make it good because it's a guaranteed thing! And that 8 of cups is mean moving on out. I also just heard "don't take any emotional baggage with you."

Now this an odd twist. I was gonna be done with that, but I just looked at the 6ofPent and it's as if the coin was floating upward. I feel like an unexpected source of income is the meaning. And it's next to The Star....does all this mean Iwill hear something today about a new job?? Or about money for pro make-up school in Paris?? Or maybe my law suit being wrapped up so I can move and leave all of that baggage behind me?? When I remember that Doug from Tarot eon said that timing can often me judged from the card that really commands your attention, so does that mean it will be in 6 weeks from now??

And holy cow! The Sun is at the bottom of the deck!! Whatever this is all about, it sure is one positive reading! And with a2 out of 4 cards being major arcana, this seems to be pretty significant situation. Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled and my heart and mind open and gracious!

How can you not smile and be happy when you her this song??! LOL

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