Saturday, February 12, 2011

Like Night and Day

I am really trying to go more with an intuitive approach to my readings as opposed to the standard book meanings. So the cards today instantly made me think of the situation with my room mate. The 2 of Pentacles instantly said to me "like night and day" which is what I have been saying about her actions. This is SOOO not like the person I've known so well, lived with and shared so much with!! I see the balancing act going on in her going back and forth inside to make this decision and the back and forth that she has been going through with the "who" that I know is at the root of this decision. Her head is spinning. And that mutha fucker's card is the other one I pulled, so that confirms my though process. The King of Cups. It's like the king on the card is sitting on a pedestal, which she puts him on, the cup raised like he is expecting her to fill it. If I still did reversals, I know this would have come up reversed! The K of C at his negative aspects is a very moody, emotionally manipulative, selfish, controlling, vindictive person. (Ask me how I know!! Only mine was a Scorpio not a Cancer! Yikes!) The look on her face is somber, and God knows his ass is always so miserable and grumpy! Which sux because she is so vivacious and full of love and life, but he sucks that right our her her, and that's what the waterfall looks like to me. Her energy just being sucked and drained. The bottom card is the 8 of Wands, which explains how fast this all jumped off. It confirms that I have to be a very big person and get over my hurt feelings and stay in communication with her, that it's not about me right now, crazy as that sounds. I don't like this shit. Not one bit. I think that oddly enough, this is all gonna be a good thing for me, but a very bad thing for her. Hell, maybe the butterflies even mean that it will transform both of us to something even better. 

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