Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Reading

So I am still trying to figure all this tech shit out. Which I'm sure for the masses is extraordinarily low tech, but most anything that relates to computers is high tech for me! I can't tell you how much time I have spent this evening trying to figure out how to post pictures and to cover my ass from any copywrite infringemets!  Good grief Charlie Brown lol!

So I drew two cards this morning, using the Faulkner Tarot. This deck was created by the amazing Rhiannon Faulkner. Get used to hearing her name (if I ever share this blog lol) a lot. A total stranger from across the pond who has become mentor, friend, support system, and business parter if I'd ever get my head out of my ass and grow a set of balls!  Hopefully I can get a scanner so I can have the images to go with the posts I make about cards.  But anyway, I drew the Emperor and The Chariot, with Temperance on the bottom. The feeling I got from the Emperor was that he SO did  not want to go into that building!! The sun seemed warm and bright and the building seemed so dark and sterile and uninviting. And then to see The Chariot, it was as if he just wanted to turn the hell around, jump in his buggy, and roll the hell out! The Emperor is fire and The Chariot is water, so they are at  odds. This re-iterated the inner termoil I feel about my life.  He is the bread-winner, the one responsible for the family and has to make wise choices as to ensuring their security. Meaning, Violette Kitty needs to get a damn job/bring in some fucking income, like yesterday!!! The Emperor is ruled by Aries, dominant, in control, energetic, calls the shots and takes care of himself as well as others. Al things I wish I was, but don't feel right now. Aries rules the head and face.  "Hold your head up high and put on your game face girl!" But I'd rather eat the back if a mongooses ass than to work in a 9-5 like it looks like he is going to!! The Chariot is ruled by Cancer,which governs the stomach and the diaphragm, so all that damn emotional upheaval. But it is a car, a means of transportation, going places.  So take a deep breath and get rid of the crap I no longer need,like fear and doubt! Even if I'm not exactly sure where I want to go, just get moving. Then go with my gut. Because I do have some possible means of income that I know could bring a lot of emotional fulfillment. And with Temperance at the bottom of the deck, the bottom line is balance my life out. Be patient, but actively do something!  And make peace with the opposing sides of me, the Emperor that says work, make money, and the Chariot that says it has to be something that I have an emotional investment in and know in my gut is going to make me happy. 
For shits and giggles I drew one more card, and it was the King of Swords lol!! With The Emperor right there, since my dad was a Gemini, I know that he was with me today and giving me encouragement. I sure do miss you Al, but thanks for stopping in. Even at 39,a girl still needs her dad.

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